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Mesalamine dose form in a clinical study (P<0.05) patients who completed treatment. The mean peak concentration was 0.8 ng/mL [range 0-7.9 ng/mL]. The mean trough concentration was 3.0 ng/mL [range 0-12.2 ng/mL]. The mean maximum value was 778 ng/mL. The mean duration of a response 1 week was 23%. In the subgroup of patients whom clinical efficacy this drug was evaluated, a significantly shorter duration of therapy was observed: 5, 4 and 10-days respectively, compared to placebo (mean 24 days) [14]. In the case of salicyclic acid, effect on inflammatory reactions was not clearly documented. In fact, an attempt adipex online cheap to use animal model has produced contradictory results (reviewed in 15). These experiments had used chronic and acute salicylic acid (0.6-1.7 mg/kg bw per day), in order to induce a severe inflammatory reaction. The studies reported no significant effect on inflammatory reactions in this model, which suggests that these symptoms may be due to the inflammatory response drug [8], [15]. Clinical Studies in Children with autism suggest that the risk of a severe reaction might be very low (14). Clinical data reported on a child, 5-year old boy (average of 30 years old), with autism who received oral salicylates. The clinical efficacy was confirmed by history. The child received 30mg salicylates at bedtime for 2 weeks and was followed after the 1 week. There was no significant improvement with the medication (15). In another trial, 12 children aged between 6-10 years had been given 40-50 mg of salicylates. This was followed by 40 mg for 2 weeks before the next dose. children were followed over the following 6 months and there was no improvement in the severity of symptoms. Also there was no significant influence on behavior [16]. Similar observations have been reported in patients with schizophrenia. The average age in study cohort was between 6 and 10 years [16], but the results also show that adverse reactions to this medication in patients with schizophrenia this age group was almost no different from the normal controls. Efficacy Evaluation of Benzyl salicylate A large clinical study in 10,073 patients with various types of cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, peripheral vascular disease, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease) found this drug to be effective for reducing the heart rate by 2-4 beats per minute in patients with high blood pressure. It was effective in lowering the intensity of heart beat from a baseline of 110 to 90 beats per min, but this reduction did not appear to be associated with any cardiac side-effects [17]. A meta-analysis of 14 meta-analyses has cheap adipex-p get price been performed. The results have not shown a clear trend toward greater efficacy in reducing the mean heart rate compared to placebo in adults or children [18]. Also a meta-analysis in the same authors has been performed that examined adverse effects of benzyl salicylate in pediatric patients and has concluded 'no statistically significant differences were noted between trials comparing ben-zyl salicylate and placebo in acute and/or sub-acute therapy' [19]. These observations are somewhat inconsistent for benzyl salicylate, but it is likely that the variability attributable to several factors: different dosing regimens (1mg/kg daily vs. 4mg/kg daily) and more active ingredients in benzyl salicylate and placebo [2], higher patient population, response bias, and longer duration of benzyl salicylate therapy [20]. These reports also do not clearly demonstrate that benzyl salicylate is a safe drug in the elderly, even though children it is generally considered safe [19]. In patients with severe renal disease, benzyl salicylate has been used in combination with other pharmacological treatments [21]. In a systematic review, patients with severe renal failure were compared to healthy controls using a randomized crossover trial. In this trial 2 grams of salicylate was coadministered with the drug praziquantel. combination had a statistically significant decrease in the rate of non-pulmonary events (0.21% versus 0.14%) and in the overall rate of renal failure (0.29% versus 0.08%) [22]. These findings provide some support for considering this drug in conjunction with the administration of other pharmacological agents. In a systematic review of randomized trials, the mean difference in time from onset of symptoms to the discontinuation benzyl salicylate therapy was 2.7 hours, with a standard error of 2.1 (P<0.001) in patients with major illness [23]. This means that even with the best preparation, benzyl salicylate needs to be taken daily.

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